7 Steps to become an iOS developer

Step 1

Get a Mac & Download Xcode

First of all, get yourself a macOS system (in case you don’t already have one). Your device should at least be able to run macOS Catalina. Then download Xcode from the App Store, it’s free. It’s the most crucial software for developing iOS apps!

Step 2

Understand the basics of Xcode 

After you downloaded Xcode's, it's time to understand its basic structure and concepts. Check out this tutorial, to learn everything you need to know to get started with Xcode. We will build our first mini "Hello World", help you to decide between using UIKit and SwiftUI (two different approaches for iOS development) and talk through Xcode's basic interface layout.

Step 3

Learn the basics of programming

with Swift

After you understood the basics of Xcode, it’s time for learning Swift. Swift is the most often used programming language and especially great for beginners. We've created a free eBook for this, you can download it for free!

Step 4

Build apps with tutorials

Start building basic apps with tutorials, there are plenty of them! We created a bunch of SwiftUI tutorials for getting you started! We recommend you to start with this tutorial. After that you can follow along these tutorials. 

Although our free tutorials are covering almost everything you need to know to get learn iOS development, you maybe would like to take a look at our Mastering SwiftUI Book. In this book, we take you by hand and teach you everything you need to know about developing apps with SwiftUI.

Step 5

Deepen your knowledge about the iOS SDK and frameworks

Once you’ve done some tutorials, deepen your knowledge in topics you are interested in and you want to learn more of. There are so many frameworks to master in iOS development. For example, if you are interested in Augmented Reality apps, google „ARKit tutorial“. You have the choice!

Step 6

Deepen your Swift knowledge 

The more you get into iOS app development, the more Swift skills and concepts are required. If you don’t understand some more advanced Swift concepts look it up in the official Swift language documentation (it’s a really great source) or search & ask somewhere, for example on StackOverflow or write us a message!

Step 7

Develop your own, custom apps

To really become an iOS developer, its crucial to start developing your own, custom apps as soon as possible. This boosts your learning curve and programming skills tremendously. 


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